About Us

The Distinction of Subtlety and Grace

In a jewelry market oversaturated with bling and flash, the discerning viewer who values understated elegance and subtle grace has long been overlooked.

It is for this admirer of subtle dignity that Amant was conceived. Amant provides an innovative and fresh way to look at the art of jewelry. Rather than catch the public eye with glitz, Amant’s fine accents penetrate directly to the discerning viewer, elevating the wearer in her eye and conferring distinction upon him as a man of grace.

Perfect for the evening suit, tuxedo, or blazer, Amant’s debut tie pinch jewelry designs can be effortlessly fastened to the side of your tie where they will accentuate your overall uniform without disrupting any other key features of your dress.

Although to most, such a fine accoutrement would go unnoticed, to the select few that
the Amant consumer wishes to allure, the piece becomes a signifier of refined style and shared perspective.

In playing the double role of an aesthetic enhancer and an acumen signifier, Amant brings totally unique properties of intellect, wit, and understated mastery to a jewelry market direly in need.

Amant will be launching officially in October of 2017 and looks forward to sharpening your style and imbuing it with a tangible layer of distinction soon.